SUS304 high speed 14 head multihead weigher

Short Description:

The 14 head multihead weigher is wider application compared with 10 head multi head scale. It is suitable for high speed or high accuracy project, such as 60-100 bags/min snacks packing project.

  • Construction Material: SUS304
  • Machine Frame: 4 base frame
  • Hopper Volume: 1.6L / 2.5L
  • Food Contact Part Style: Plain plate / Embossing plate
  • Top Cone Working Style: Vibration
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Control System: Modular control
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags




    Weigh head


    Weigh range

    10-2000 grams

    Max. speed

    120 bags/min

    Bucket volume

    1.6L / 2.5L



    Control penal

    7” or 10” touch screen


    220V 50/60HZ, single phase

    Drive system

    Stepper motor (modular driving)



    The 14 head multihead weigher is wider application compared with 10 head multi head scale. It is suitable for high speed or high accuracy projects, such as 60-100 bags/min snacks packing projects.





    Snack chips

    Frozen food

    Pet food



    •  Has over 16,000 weight combination for higher accuracy.

    •  Modular board control system, Smart Weigher’s modular board is command for all models, easy for maintenance.

    •  1.6L or 2.5L hopper for different product weight and volume.

    •  Food contact parts disassembling without tools, which is easy to clean.


    Machine Drawing

    Smart Weigh provides a unique 3D view(the 4th view as below). You could check the machine front, side, top and whole view with the dimension. It is clear to know the machine sizes and decide how to set the weigher in your factory.

    SW-M14 drawing

    Available Packing Machine


    Vertical Packing Machine

    14 head weigher vertical packing machine can make pillow bag or gusset bag. The bag makes by roll film.

    VFFS bag
    Candy doypack packing line

    Rotary Packing Machine

    14 head weigher works with a rotary packing machine. It is suitable for premade bag style, such as doypack.

    premade bag
    tray denester

    Tray Denester

    14 head weigher works with tray denester. It can achieve empty tray auto feeding, auto weighing and filling into trays, auto send finished trays to next equipment.

    tray sample
    Thermoforming packing machine

    Thermoforming/Tray Packing Machine

    14 head weigher works with stretch film packing machine 

    Thermoforming tray


    1. What is modular control system?

    Modular control system means board control system. Motherboard calculates as the brain, drive board controls machine working. Smart Weigh multihead weigher uses the 3rd modular control system. 1 drive board controls 1 feed hopper and 1 weigh hopper. If there is 1 hopper broke, forbid this hopper on touch screen. Other hoppers can work as usual. And the drive board is common in Smart Weigh series multihead weigher. For example, no. 2 drive board can be used for no. 5 drive board. It is convenient for stock and maintenance.


    2. Can this weigher only weigh 1 target weight?

    It can weigh different weights, just change the weight parameter on the touch screen. Easy operation.


    3. Does this machine all is made of stainless steel?

    Yes, the machine construction, frame, and food contact parts all are food-grade stainless steel 304. We have the certificate about it, we are glad to send you if it is needed.

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