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The snack potato chips packing machine system is consists of the following machines:

1. Vibration feeder - vibrate and feed products to the conveyor

2. Z bucket conveyor - feed the products to multihead weigher

3. 14 head multihead weigher - weigh and fill to packing machine

4. Vertical packing machine - make bags from roll film

5. Output conveyor - send finished bags to next equipment

6. Metal detector (optional) - check if there is metal in the bags

7. Checkweigher (optional) - check the finished bags again, classify the overweight and underweight bags

8. Rotary table - collect finished bags for next package





Weigh range

10-2000 grams

Max. speed 20-80 bags/min
Bag style Pillow bag
Bag size

Width 70-250mm

Length 80-350mm



Control penal

7” touch screen


220V 50/60HZ, single phase

Drive system

Multihead weigher: stepper motor (modular driving)

Packing machine: PLC

chips packing machine


The chips packing machine is able to weigh and pack all kinds of snacks, such as chips, crisps, french fries, corn snack, stick snack and etc.


Snack stick


Chips pillow bag


•  Fully automatic from product feeding, weighing, filling, making bags, date printing and outputting;
•  Wide design linear feeding pans for puffed food, it is good for feeding and high speed;
• 4 base frame multihead weigher is more stable when running, it is good for high accuracy;
• There is a nitrogen entrance of the packing machine if customers need it.

Machine Drawing

Smart Weigh provides a unique 3D view(the 4th view as below). 

chips packing machine drawing


1. Can this weigher only weigh 1 target weight?

It can weigh different weights, just change the weight parameter on the touch screen. Easy operation.

2. Can this line only for 1 bag?
The bag length is adjustable, bag former of packing machine can make one bag width only. If you have several bag sizes, extra bag formers are needed for different bag width.

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