Iron nails screws multihead weigher packing machine box filling machine

Short Description:

Coffee beans packing machine manufacturer from China, standard gusset bag and valve bag is available.

  • Weight: 100-5000 grams
  • Machine construction: Stainless steel 304
  • Weigher contact parts: Plain plate
  • Bag style: Pillow bag, gusset bag(with valve)
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    The screw box filling packaging machine system is consists of the following machines:

    1. Incline conveyor with customize vibration feeder - feed the products to multihead weigher

    2. 14 head multihead weigher - auto weigh as preset weight and fill into bags

    3. Horizontal roller conveyor - positioning empty box when filling

    4. Suuport platform: support the weigher above the horizontal conveyor


    Weighing Range

    100-5000 grams

     Max. Speed

    40 bags/min


    + 0.1-1.5 grams

    Weigh Bucket Volume


    Package Style


    Bag Size

    Customize depends on actual box

    Control Penal

    Touch Screen

    Driving System

    Multihead weigher: modular board

    Power Supply

    220V/50HZ or 60HZ


    The tray away package is more are more popular, it is no matter for ready meals (rice or noodles), but also for ready fruits.

    Coffee beans

    Ground coffee

    screw in box

    Gusset bag


    Nail vibration feeder




    3 layers of vibration feeder ensure the screws can be separated well. The incline conveyor is using soft belt material for longer life and reducing the noise.

    l  Feeding pans material use 0.2mm thicker than a standard model;

    l  Hoppers thickness use 0.3mm thicker than standard hopper;

    l  Double doors hopper opening for screws quick release;

    Nail weigher
    box filling machine




    The roller horizontal conveyor includes the box positioning device. This device holds the empty box for filling, and release it after weigher filling.


    Smart Weigh screw weigher box filling packing machine line drawing:

    screw box filling machine drawing

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