Granola oats cereal corn flakes rotary packing machine with multihead weigher

Short Description:

Rotary pouch packing machine with multihead weigher for oats, granola, mixed cereal and etc.

  • Weighing range: 10-2000 grams
  • Available bag style: Preformed bag, stand up bag
  • Machine frame: Stainless steel 304
  • Hopper volume: 1.6L
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    The cereal packing machine system is consists of the following machines:

    1. Vibration feeder - vibrate and feed products to the conveyor

    2. Z bucket conveyor - feed the products to multihead weigher

    3. 14 head multihead weigher - vertical weigh and fill to packing machine

    4. Rotary pouch packing machine - seal the bags

    5. Metal detector: detect if there is metal in the bags

    6. Checkweigher: check the finished bags' weight, reject the under less and overweight bags

    7. Rotary table - collect finished bags for the next package




    Weigh range

    10-2000 grams

    Max. speed

    50 bags/min

    Bag style

    Premade bag

    Bag size

    Width 110-200mm

    Length 160-330mm

    Weighing head


    Hopper volume

    1.6L hopper



    Control penal

    7” touch screen


    220V 50/60HZ, single phase

    Drive system

    Multihead weigher: stepper motor (modular driving)

    Packing machine: PLC


    The cheese packaging machine system is suitable for shredded cheese, grated cheese, mozzarella and etc.

    Corn flakes





    l  Bag width and length are adjustable;

    l  Easy operation when changing the bags, one device control 8 stations at the same time;

    l  The multihead weigher is with the modular control system and Mineabea load cell, high accuracy and easy operation;

    l  Food contact parts of weigher can be taken out without any tools, easy operation for daily cleaning.


    Smart Weigh granola packing machine line drawing, unique 3D view drawing:

    cereal packing machine


    1. Can this weigher only weigh 1 target weight?

    It can weigh different weights, just change the weight parameter on the touch screen. Easy operation.

    2. Are the bag width and length adjustable?

    Yes, the bag is adjustable within the specific range.

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