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The tray denester system is consists of the following machines:

1. SW-LC12 linear combination weigher - auto weighing and filling the products

2. Tray denester - auto fall the empty trays

3. Horizontal conveyor with run-stop device - auto stop the empty trays in filling the position, release the tray after filling




Weigh range

10-1500 grams/head

10-6000 grams/machine

Max. speed

10-40 trays/min

Bag style

Plastic tray, plastic cup



Control penal

touch screen


220V 50/60HZ, single phase

Drive system

Linear combination weigher: stepper motor (modular driving)

Tray denester: PLC control


tray denester system


The chips packing machine is able to weigh and pack all kinds of snacks, such as chips, crisps, french fries, corn snack, stick snack and etc.





Tray denester workiing procedures

1. Up valve inserts and positioning, then sucker stick raising to tray bottom.

2. Once suck stick time up (suck stick engaged with tray bottom), it starts vacuuming. In-step, it calculates the down valve Releasing time.

3. Down valve releases when down valve release time up, this action is securing tray being sucked fully.

4. When machine tested the sub-pressure, suck stick moves back. Simultaneously, machine calculates the sucking time and unsucking until tray dropped to belt. Meanwhile, down valve delay to insert and up valve delay to release for next tray.

5. Recycle on next tray filling.


•  Auto separate tray or cup filling individually;

•  Mitsubishi PLC + 7I touch Screen for stable performance;

•  Different tray dimension replacement without tool, save production time;

•  Full stainless steel 304 frame with water proof design, to working in high humidity environment;

•  Manual feeding weigher is suitable for meat, sticky products, fragile products and etc;

•  High accuracy with Minebea load cell.


Machine Drawing

Tray packing machine drawing as below:

tray packing machine drawing


1. Is this machine only fit for 1 tray?

No,  the tray length and width are adjustable within a specific range. If you have 2-3 kinds of dimension tray. Please share with us, we will try to design the tray denester to fit all your trays.


2. How many empty trays can it store one time?

It can store around 80 trays. We have auto-feed empty trays solution, we are glad to recommend for you if it is needed.

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