12 Head Linear Combination Weigher SW-LC12 For Meat

Short Description:

It is mainly applying in semi-auto or auto weighing fresh/frozen meat, fish, chicken, vegetable and various kinds of fruit, such as sliced meat, lettuce, apple etc.

  • Construction: Stainless steel 304
  • Model: SW-LC12
  • Belt weight: 10-1500 grams
  • Total weight: 10-6000 grams
  • Speed: 5-40 packs/min
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags




    Weigh head



    10-1500 g

    Combine Rate

    10-6000 g


    5-30 bags/min

    Weigh Belt Size

    220L*120W mm

    Collating Belt Size

    1350L*165W mm

    Power Supply

    1.0 KW

    Packing Size

    1750L*1350W*1000H mm

    G/N Weight


    Weighing method

    Load cell


    + 0.1-3.0 g

    Control Penal

    9.7" Touch Screen


    220V/50HZ or 60HZ; Single Phase

    Drive System

    Stepper Motor

    12 head linear combination weigher


    It is mainly apply in semi-auto or auto weighing fresh/frozen meat, fish, chicken, vegetable and various kinds of fruit, such as sliced meat, lettuce, apple etc.    





    meat tray





    •  Belt weighing and delivery into package, only two procedure to get less scratch on products;

    •  Most suitable for sticky & easy fragile in belt weighing and delivery,

    •  All belts can be take out without tool, easy cleaning after daily work;

    •  All dimension can be customize design according to product features;

    •  Suitable to integrate with feeding conveyor & auto bagger in auto weighing and packing line;

    •  Infinite adjustable speed on all belts according to different product feature;

    •  Auto ZERO on all weighing belt for more accuracy;

    •  Optional index collating belt for feeding on tray;

    •  Special heating design in electronic box to prevent high humidity environment.


    Smart Weigh provides a unique 3D view(the 4th view as below). You could check the machine front, side, top, and whole view with the dimension. It is clear to know the machine sizes and decide how to set the weigher in your factory.

    12 head linear combination weigher drawing


    1. What is modular control system?

    Modular control system means board control system. Motherboard calculates as the brain, drive board controls machine working. Smart Weigh multihead weigher uses the 3rd modular control system. 1 drive board controls 1 feed hopper and 1 weigh hopper. If there is 1 hopper broke, forbid this hopper on touch screen. Other hoppers can work as usual. And the drive board is common in Smart Weigh series multihead weigher. For example, no. 2 drive board can be used for no. 5 drive board. It is convenient for stock and maintenance.


    2. Can this weigher only weigh 1 target weight?

    It can weigh different weights, just change the weight parameter on the touch screen. Easy operation.


    3. Does this machine all is made of stainless steel?

    Yes, the machine construction, frame, and food contact parts all are food-grade stainless steel 304. We have the certificate about it, we are glad to send you if it is needed.

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